Clarity Aloft Classic Headset

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While there are several "lightweight" noise-cancelling aviation headsets on the market, none can come close to matching the barely there, extremely low-profile design delivered by the Clarity Aloft Stereo/Mono Headset. At just 1.50 oz., this featherweight headset delivers an impressive level of aviation-specific communications performance. Its comfortable foam, replaceable earpieces provide an incredible 29.5 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), as well as outstanding comfort for easy, all-day wear. These Comply Canal Tips include a miniature speaker that facilitates the delivery of crystal clear sound from the transducer to the wearer's ear for unrivaled communications clarity. Besides its remarkable light weight and impressive level of hearing protection, the Clarity Aloft headset also features a 1/8' audio port to accommodate auxiliary music devices. Its integral Electret Condenser microphone has also been optimized for flawless operation in high-noise environments like the typical aircraft cockpit. A revolutionary, extremely lightweight headset that aviators everywhere are sure to love.


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