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Aviation Childrens Books & Gifts

For a young child, getting into an airplane is one of the greatest thrills of a lifetime. While people may grow accustomed to flying over time, many can remember the joy and exhilaration the first time they left the bounds of the earth.

Pilot Mall offers a wide variety of airplane gifts for kids of all ages. For younger children, Pilot Mall offers airplane play tents, inflatable space shuttles, aircraft-themed toddler swings, tub toys and more. For older children, Pilot Mall has armed forces pilot suits, pilot hats, airplane assembly kits and other toys that inspire a lifelong love of aviation.

While sharing the joy of flight is a great experience at any age, it holds a unique and special magic for children. Unlike many things in everyday life, flight gives one a true sense of wonder about the world. With the right aviation gifts for kids, it's possible to build a love that will last for a lifetime. For some children, a kids airplane toy will be the start of a successful future career in aviation.