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Everyone knows that preflighting your aircraft is essential to a safe flight. In fact, most pilot pride themselves on their ability to perform a thorough preflight inspection. Of course, that involves checking the fuel. It is more than having the right amount; water can condense in tanks and fuel can come out of the truck less than clean, and you can even be topped off accidentally with the wrong grade of gas. In today's advanced fuel injected engines, fuel quality is especially critical. You need the right equipment to ensure that you've got the clean fuel that you expect. has all of the fuel testing products that you need to make sure that you stay safe. From simple to use fuel testing cups, to multi-sump testers, to high impact plastic models that can fit any drain, Pilot Mall has you covered. Being ecologically conscious and not wasting fuel on the ramp is important to both the Earth and your wallet. The GATS Jar Environmentally Friendly Fuel Tester we offer will enable you to put the gas you drain right back in the tank, safely and quickly.

Just after takeoff is the wrong time to find out that your fuel is contaminated. Check out our selection and pick out your fuel tester today!

Pilot and Aircraft Fuel Testers

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