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The Perfect Bag for a Foodie

The Aerocoast Pro EFB + Cooler II is the perfect solution for travel challenges. This product allows you to carry everything in one bag and offers a wide variety of features to meet your ever changing travel needs. You'll love the functionality of this bag and will likely be shocked by how much you can fit inside! Since you'll no longer have space constraints, you will never have to decide what to leave behind again.
  • Jessica Siewrattan

X-Naut, More Like X-Yes! Keep Your iPad Cool in the Cockpit!

Today, more and more pilots are using apps for navigation in the cockpit. That means countless pilots are now flying with their iPads. While we are depending on them, our iPads run the risk of overheating without warning and leaving us when we need them most. What is a pilot to do? Enter the X-naut Active Cooling Mount!

  • Bethany Piccarreto

Bose is Revolutionizing the Aviation Industry... Again!

This July pilots will be taking to the sky with a new, lighter, quieter headset. The Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset was designed for pilots of pressurized jet and turbine aircraft that operate in relatively low to moderate noise environments.

  • Neil Glazer

Bahamas Flying for Beginners

As a Bahamas Flying Ambassador, I often hear from pilots that are interested in flying to The Islands Of The Bahamas, but are concerned about taking their first trip. The most common concerns are related to crossing into foreign airspace, dealing with customs and overwater flight. This article explains policies and procedures in order to insure your flying adventure will be a success.

  • Neil Glazer