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RAM Mounts for Aviation

The days of hauling huge stacks of paper charts and thick books of approach plates are nearly behind us forever. Mobile devices such as iPads and other tablets have revolutionized the way we store, transport, and access information. It is now possible to convert any general aviation aircraft into a virtual glass cockpit. These devices can display charts, aircraft position, traffic, and even weather on a single screen for instant situational awareness.

But new high-tech solutions make for new high-tech problems. Namely, how do you securely stow your mobile device so that it doesn't slide under a seat or wind up with a cracked screen? Mounting your device safely in the cockpit is critical; these miracles of information technology are only as good as your ability to access them safely and quickly. Fortunately, Pilot Mall has all of the products you need to allow you to safely reference your tablet while you continue to fly the airplane.

Pilot Mall has two different options to meet all of your device mounting needs. We provide complete kits that will mount your iPad or another tablet securely using clamps or suction cup mounts. Or, you can customize the installation to your needs by selecting your mounting arm, base, and device cradle individually. As a bonus, we even offer RAM mounts for writing pads, GoPro cameras, sun shades, and more. 

3 Easy Steps

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