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Telex Aviation Headsets

When it comes to lightweight headsets, Telex is the undisputed industry leader. A permanent fixture in corporate jets and airline cockpits around the world, Telex lightweight aviation headsets are famous for their comfort, durability, and crystal clear sound quality. If you are flying jets up in the flight levels, you can't select a better lightweight headset than the Telex Airman 7 or 8.

Each Telex headset is designed to provide the maximum in comfort, sound quality, and unobtrusive performance. The ultra-light flexible headband holds the headset securely to your head without the squeezing pressure experienced with larger models. The headset fits on your ears perfectly with feather soft cushions that have a "barely there" quality. Each Telex headset has a fully flexible electret boom mic that is easy to place and cancels out background noise for clear communications. The Telex 8 takes the outstanding performance of the 7 model up a notch by adding 12 decibels of active noise reduction. This feature is perfect for eliminating the fatiguing flow noise found in the cockpits of many high-performance jets and airliners.

Backed by a three-year warranty, each Telex featherweight headset represents the zenith of sound technology. For long haul trips across the ocean, transcontinental journeys, or hops in the private jet, Telex headsets from Pilot Mall are a fantastic choice.