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Communication is the pillar of a safe flight. Whether talking to flight control or other pilots, a radio plays an essential role in modern aviation. With a Yaesu Handheld, pilots can give themselves a valuable backup in the event of radio failure. In addition, a Yaesu radio is a great way for those on the ground to stay in contact with pilots during a flight.

Yaesu Aviation Radios offer the reliability of in-aircraft radios with the convenience of portability. Yaesu radios are made from a die-cast magnesium chassis for added strength and durability. With a multiband receiver, pilots, support personnel and family members can listen to NOAA weather, the aviation band, AM/FM bands and BRS.

Some Yaesu Aviation Radios also feature fully-functional VOR navigation with a course deviation needle and course indicator. In the event of a navigational failure, a transceiver can help guide a pilot safely home. The VOR feature included on Some Yaesu Aviation Radios provides navigation information for a pilot.<BR><BR>For pilots, it's essential to have redundant communication systems. Give yourself a valuable communications backup with a Yaesu Aviation Radios.

Yaesu Aviation Radios

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Yaesu FTA-250L (COMM ONLY) Li-Ion Handheld VHF Transceiver
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Yaesu FTA-550 AA Handheld VHF Transceiver
$195.00 $229.99
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Best Seller
Yaesu FTA-750L Handheld VHF Transceiver w/GPS
$359.00 $449.99