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Once you earn your private pilot certificate, one of the best things you can do to enhance your flying skills is to pursue an instrument rating. Even if you don't have the intention of flying a lot of approaches down to minimums, the precision you develop as you learn how to fly solely on instruments will make you a safer pilot. If you already have earned your instrument rating, you know the importance of regular practice. Mother nature doesn't always produce the right meteorological conditions for instrument flying, so we need view limiting devices to simulate IFR weather.

Finding the right IFR training device is easy at We offer a full line of view limiting devices that will accommodate any size headset comfortably. Pilot Mall has the famous Foggles and other models of glasses-style view limiting devices that don quickly and easily. If you prefer a model that you can flip up and down with ease, the Jeppesen Shades IFR Flip-Up Training Glasses are an excellent choice for you. If you wear glasses, the ASA Jiffyhood and the Viban View Limiting Device will accommodate any size and style of frames. We even have Instrument Post-Its to simulate partial panel flight and the super useful IFR Flight File III to keep all of your paper plates organized.

Whether you are just starting your instrument training or are getting some practice approaches in with a safety pilot, has all of your IFR training device needs covered. Check out our selection and sharpen your skills today!

IFR Training Products

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Jeppesen Shades IFR Flip-Up Training Glasses
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ASA Jiffyhood
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IFR Training Foggles
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ASA Overcasters
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ASA Flight Timer 2
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