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Flight Simulation and Misc

CH Products Flight Simulation Hardware

CH Products is the leading manufacturer of flight simulation hardware. The CH Products Flight Sim Yoke has been sold more at than any other piece of flight sim hardware. CH Products also offers a high quality Rudder Pedal and several joysticks.

Saitek Flight Simulation Hardware

With the Saitek flight simulator, pilots can gain valuable IFR flight simulator time from the comfort of their own home. The Saitek flight simulator bundle includes realistic controllers for the ultimate flying experience. Featuring a yoke system, rudder pedals, an instrument panel, a radio panel, a multi panel and a switch panel, the Saitek flight simulator allows pilots to accurately recreate a cockpit in their own home.

X-Plane Flight Simulation Software and Bundles

Calling the X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator a "flight simulator" is an egregious understatement of the software program's state-of-the-art aviation capabilities that are unmatched by anything else on the market. This industry-leading computer marvel brings users a vast array of aircraft models (with thousands of additional models available for download - plus the ability to build your own!); over 33,000 worldwide airports; a high-resolution database of the Earth from 74° north latitude to 60° south latitude; an assortment of diverse, programmable Wx conditions; multiple system/component failure options; the ability to custom engineer airfoils; and a host of other one-of-a-kind features the likes of which the gaming world has never seen!

Aircraft Manuals

Pilot Mall offers aircraft maintenance manuals for hundreds of different aircraft. Since aircraft manuals can degrade over time or get misplaced, it's important to make sure that one has a backup flight manual for a personal or commercial aircraft.

Cockpit DVDs

The publisher of our Cockpit DVDs has worked on 6 continents, 45+ countries, and at all major airshows including Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Santiago (FIDAE), Hyderadad (Aviation India), Berlin, Bahrain, Farnborough and more. They work in extreme conditions and challenges and have experience from extreme hot of the deserts of the Middle East to the extreme winter conditions of the Arctic Circle. All this experience brings you the best Cockpit DVDs on the planet.

Non-Training Books & DVDs

In their off time, what do pilots do? Talk about flying, watch flying videos, and spend time with aviation friends. What better way to relax, than to read an aviation humor book or watch an aviation movie? has a great selection of both!