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Helicopter Headset Adapters

If your flying includes both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, you have some interesting equipment challenges. The biggest among these is your headset; helicopters push the mic and speaker signals through a single jack, while most airplanes have a separate jack for both the microphone and speaker. You could invest in two headsets and cost yourself hundreds of extra dollars. Or, you could let Pilot Mall save you some serious cash and purchase one of our rugged and dependable helicopter headset adapters.

Pilot Mall offers high-quality Pilot USA adapters that will allow you to move your headset between helicopters and airplanes with ease. Whether you currently have a one jack or two jack headset doesn't matter-we have the right adapter that will ensure that your headset functions dependably in either type of aircraft.

Bringing you the right equipment is what Pilot Mall is all about. Whether you need to use your general aviation headset in a helicopter, are transitioning to fixed-wing after being a rotor head, or are looking to step up your videos to the next level, Pilot Mall has you covered!