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Push to Talk Switches

If you fly a light sport aircraft or older airplane, you know how difficult communicating with air traffic control or other aircraft can be. Preserving the original equipment of a classic aircraft is important to many owners, and some light sport and experimental airplanes rely on handheld or simple panel mounted transceivers for communications. In these aircraft, installing a permanent push to talk switch simply isn't an option. That means you are stuck with noisy and inconvenient hand mics to do your talking. Hand mics force you to take your hands away from what they should be doing—flying the airplane.

There is a solution to your communications woes, and Pilot Mall has just the gear to help you communicate more easily and fly safer. With our selection of portable push-to-talk switches, you can put away the handheld microphone forever and keep your hands on the stick and throttle. We offer easy to use push-to-talk switches from such well-known manufacturers as ASA, Pilot USA, and David Clark. Pilot Mall even has a push-to-talk switch that can work with your ICOM aviation transceiver, allowing you to use all of the functions of your headset in the same way you would with a panel mounted com radio installation.

Setting up a push-to-talk switch from Pilot Mall is easy and only takes a few seconds. The switch itself mounts with a Velcro strap in any location that is convenient for you on your stick or yoke. Your headset plugs into the push-to-talk adapter and the adapter plugs into your airplane's mic jack—that's it! Check out our push-to-talk selections below.