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Flight Computers & Plotters

Check out our large selection of pilot plotters. Simplify your flight planning with our easy to use aviation navigation plotters. Find your true course and flight distance!

Pilots of all experience levels rely on navigation tools for a safe and efficient flight. While GPS navigation systems have grown in popularity over the past decade, many aviators still rely on a manual flight computer.

A pilot computer is an effective way to calculate fuel usage during a flight, time en route, wind corrections, loading weights and other common requirements for a flight. Most pilots use these tools when planning a flight route.

To earn a private pilot license (PPL) in the United States, a student pilot must be able to plan a flight without the use of any digital or automated navigation tools.

Pilot Mall offers both manual and digital flight computers. While many modern aviators prefer GPS navigation systems, it's important to carry a pilot computer in one's flight bag at all times. While a portable or fixed GPS system may experience power issues en route, a high-quality manual flight computer will last for decades without the need for batteries.