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Icom Aviation Radios

When you think of high-technology, durable, and flexible communications gear, the Icom Aviation Radios, panel mounted radios, and accessories offered by Pilot Mall immediately come to mind. Your ability to communicate with air traffic controllers, other aircraft, and FBO personnel is critically important to your safety and the health of your business. Whether you need a handheld NAV/COM/GPS as an emergency backup, a mobile VHF air band transceiver for an airfield vehicle, an economical in-panel radio for your light sport aircraft, or just a simple push to talk switch for that old Cessna, Icom Aviation Radios has the right communications products for you.

Pilot Mall offers a wide selection of Icom Aviation Radios products so that you can find the right piece of equipment for any application. Our Icom Aviation Radios range from the relatively basic to the extraordinarily capable; all of Icom Aviation Radios include an easy to read LCD display, a dedicated 121.5 MHz emergency button, a 200 frequency storage capacity, a side tone function that allows you to hear your own voice through a headset, useful accessories, and plenty of choices for how to power your transceiver. The rugged Icom Aviation Radio A25C adds easy to use VOR navigation capabilities, GPS and Bluetooth to the impressive list of standard Icom Aviation Radios features. And if you are a light sport aircraft or experimental pilot looking for an easy to install panel mounted transceiver, Pilot Mall has you covered with the ICOM A220 model.

Pilot Mall's ICOM offerings don't end in the cockpit—we offer the right products for FBOs, fuel trucks, airport vehicles, and operations in the drop zone as well. ICOM's A120 mobile mount VHF air band transceiver is the perfect unit for airport vehicles and out on the flight line. Of course, Pilot Mall carries all the ICOM accessories that will enable you to get maximum utility out of your aviation transceiver. Check out our full line of ICOM products below!