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PLBs & Tracking Devices

No pilot sets out to be stranded in a remote area, but the best pilots plan for all eventualities, no matter how remote. If you find yourself down in an area far from the nearest road or settlement, being able to be found quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Thankfully, there are inexpensive technological solutions to the vexing problem of emergencies in remote areas.

Pilot Mall is your resource for the emergency personal location beacon (PLB) gear that can save your life. We offer the latest in rescue enabling technology from Garmin and ACR Electronics. Depending on the model of PLB you choose, your PLB can feature 121.5 VHF MHz homing, 406 MHz UHF homing, GPS homing capabilities through the global Iridium satellite constellation, or even an integral strobe light to increase your visibility to rescue personnel. Our Garmin inReach selections add a fun and useful elements to emergency preparedness, allowing you to share your location with friends and family online, access topographic and aerial maps of your location, and even send and receive text messages via satellite.

Being prepared for any emergency will give you peace of mind, and having a quality PLB can go a long way towards making an unplanned adventure a short one.

Check out Pilot Mall's PLB selection and choose the PLB that is right for your onboard emergency preparedness kit.