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Our mobile devices have become ubiquitous parts of our everyday lives. What used to take a bag full of specialized devices now comes wrapped in a neat handheld package; our phones, calculators, cameras, audio recorders, music libraries, and even our navigation systems can all be contained in one easy to use gadget. It is no wonder that pilots are looking for ways to make their cell phones, tablets, and music players a more organic part of their flying experience.

Pilot Mall carries a variety of high-tech adapters so that you'll have the right equipment for any application. You may choose to experience full technology convergence with the Pilot USA General Aviation BluLink Cell Phone adapter. This amazing device allows you to seamlessly use your phone, listen to music, and hear ATC through the comfort of your own personal aviation headset via a wireless Bluetooth connection. If you are a flight instructor looking to provide a better debriefing, you might consider Pilot Mall's Smartphone Digital Audio Recorder Adapter. This simple to use set up lets you record cockpit intercom communications and air traffic control transmissions on your device for later playback to enhance your student's learning. Pilot Mall offers a helicopter specific model of the Pilot USA Digital Video Recorder Adapter that allows you to record high-definition video and headset audio with your GoPro HERO2 or Drift HD camera. You can even breathe new life into that old CD player by attaching it to your headset with our CD Player General Aviation Adapter.

Whether you are looking to take your videos to the next level with high-quality sound, add a valuable audio element to your flight instruction, or are just looking to enjoy tunes while in cruise, Pilot Mall has the right tool for you. Check out our selection of outstanding cell phone and music adapters below!

Aviation Cell & Music Adapters

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Smartphone Digital Audio Recorder Adapter