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Hearing Protection

Nothing is more important than your health and safety. When you are flying, walking around on the ramp, or working in the vicinity of aircraft, one of the biggest threats to your health is noise. The sound volume produced by aircraft engines can be as high as 150 decibels; this is not only a volume well above the level of human pain tolerance, but it can result in permanent hearing loss if you are left unprotected. Long term exposure to even much lower levels of noise from engines, props, APUs, and external power generators can have similar damaging effects. Protecting your health and hearing is critically important.

Pilot Mall offers a large selection of hearing protection devices that will ensure that you keep your hearing in top shape. We offer everything from Moldex reusable earplugs that block out harmful noise above 85 decibels to disposable plugs that will are both economical and effective. Pilot Mall even offers headphones especially for kids to ensure young and sensitive ears are adequately protected.

Pilot Mall has your hearing safety needs covered with quality products from Moldex, Surefire, Aearo, and more. Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to your valuable hearing—get the hearing protection that is right for you today.