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Let's face it: aviation headsets are not cheap. There are few things more frustrating than having to change headsets because you are flying a different aircraft type or because some of your headset parts are worn out. Pilot Mall has brought those annoyances to end by providing you with quality headset accessories that will allow you to use your headset in nearly any type of aircraft, as well as a full line of replacement headset parts such as ear seals, cushions, and mic screens that will allow you to revive your well-used headset to like new condition. Pilot Mall's headset accessories can save you money in the long run by increasing your existing aviation headset's utility and by renewing its comfort and performance.

No matter what your aviation headset needs are, Pilot Mall has you covered. Perhaps you are switching aircraft types and need a 6-pin adapter. If you are stepping up to flying an Airbus, we have the adapter that will allow you to connect your standard two jack headset to the European 5-pin plug (this will work in the ATR as well). If you fly both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, Pilot Mall has the adapters that will allow you to use one headset in both types of aircraft. We even have push-to-talk switches that will reduce your cockpit workload when you are flying older aircraft.

If you are looking to increase the utility of your older headset, Pilot Mall can help. With our aviation headset accessories, you can add a fully functional Bluetooth interface, a cell phone adapter, or even connect your headset to your tablet to create your very own cockpit voice recorder. Pilot Mall also offers camera to headset connections that will allow you to add a cockpit audio element to your GoPro camera recordings. Check out all of our selections and up your technology game today!

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