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Ask any Airbus pilot who has spent even an hour in the airplane—the Airbus is just different! You have plenty to figure out when you first arrive on the Airbus's comfy flight deck; the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not your favorite headset will work with the 5-pin Airbus plug. Nothing makes a trip seem longer than having to stow your comfortable personal headset in your bag and use a ratty old company headset.

Pilot Mall has you covered if you are transitioning to the Airbus. Whether you are flying the A319, A320, A321, or crossing the pond in the A330 or A340, our headset adapters will ensure that your personal headset will perform to spec with our headset adapter. These Airbus adapters are truly "plug and play"—simply insert your headset mic and speaker cords into the adapter and the male end of the 5-pin plug into the airplane. It is just that simple!

Enjoy your transition to the mighty 'Bus without the hassle of dealing with an old company headset. Order your personal Airbus headset adapter today.

Airbus Adapters

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GA to Airbus Adapter
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