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With the advent of newer noise canceling headset and audio technologies, different plug set ups have made their way into aircraft. If you are changing types of aircraft, you might sit in the cockpit only to find that your conventional two plug aviation headset is incompatible with your new ride. Some aircraft now have a six-pin LEMO connection. You could slink away and pick up a new headset that might cost you hundreds of dollars. Or, you could let Pilot Mall save you some serious cash by choosing one of our LEMO power adapters that will ensure that you get years of use out of the trusty personal headset you already own!

Pilot Mall can also help if you currently own a Bose A20 headset. The Bose A20 comes with a LEMO plug as standard equipment, but many general aviation airplanes have the familiar two jack set up. Even the best ANR headset is useless if you can't plug into the airplane. Fortunately, Pilot Mall has the power adapter that will allow you to use your Bose A20 in any aircraft that you fly. For a more permanent solution, we even offer a Bose Power Panel installation kit that you can take to your favorite avionics technician to install in your aircraft.

There is never a need to buy a new headset when you switch airplanes, not with Pilot Mall's outstanding selection of adapters. Maximize the utility of your headset and pick out the right adapter for you today!

Aviation Panel (LEMO) Power Adapters

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Bose 6-pin to Twin Plug Adapter