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Mutt Muffs

Anyone who owns a dog knows that they make great traveling companions. When you take your canine best friend for a ride in your airplane, you want to make sure that their experience is every bit as comfortable and enjoyable as yours. When flying, you protect your valuable hearing with a quality aviation headset—but what about Fido? Your dog's ears are high-frequency receptors that are at least two times more sensitive than those of a human. If their ears are left unprotected, your dog could experience significant stress and discomfort in flight.

Fortunately, Pilot Mall has the right products that will make your dog's flight a comfortable and rewarding experience for you both. We offer a line of Mutt Muffs that are designed to provide your dog with a minimum of 20 decibels of passive noise reduction. Each Mutt Muff fits securely to your best buddy's head using soft elastic straps that will not hurt even the most sensitive skinned breeds. These headsets are made from the same high-quality materials that are found in top of the line human models and are critical to ensuring your dog's long term health and happiness.

Pilot Mall offers Mutt Muffs in small, medium, and large sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for any breed of dog. Consistent exposures to loud noises is a significant risk factor for canine deafness;check out Pilot Mall's Mutt-Muffs selection and make sure your four-legged family member is protected today!