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If you've ever had the experience of flying a light general aviation aircraft without an intercom, you already know how difficult it can be to communicate with your passengers. While every pilot appreciates the "sound of freedom" that an aircraft engine provides, it does tend to make things like pointing out the sights below or conducting flight instruction next to impossible. For older aircraft that lack an intercom, you need an economical solution that will allow you to communicate at a volume less than a yell. This is especially important for tandem seat airplanes like the Piper Cub and many homebuilt experimental aircraft.

Here is where Pilot Mall's aircraft intercom products come in. We offer proud to offer the venerable Pilot USA four place intercom system. Set up only takes a moment—you can plug your fully portable intercom into the cigarette lighter jack or power it from a single 9-volt battery. The portable intercom we provide even offers jacks for smart phones and satellite phones, ensuring that you are never out of touch with your passengers, air traffic control, or the people you need to speak with on the ground.

Check out Pilot Mall's intercom offerings and make life aloft more enjoyable today!

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Pilot USA 4-Place Portable Stereo Intercom
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