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If you fly military aircraft, you are familiar with the headsets that are used in Uncle Sam's cockpits. Not only do these military headsets have only a single combined mic and headphone jack, but they also utilize a low electrical impedance design. If you are transitioning to civilian flying, or just want to take a Cessna around the patch on a nice day, you'll quickly find that your military headset is of little use in civilian cockpits.

Instead of forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars on a new civilian headset, Pilot Mall offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily convert your military headset for civilian use. We offer a selection of "plug and play" low impedance to high impedance adapters. Simply insert the single jack of your military headset into the adapter, slip the adapter mic and headphone jacks into the airplane, and you are all set to go! Pilot Mall even offers a specialized civilian conversion kit for the venerable David Clark H10-76 headset. This easy to use kit comes with an adapter plug and a noise canceling high impedance microphone assembly that will ensure reliable performance in practically any civilian general aviation airplane. These adapters are a must have for any military pilot who plans to enjoy the freedom of general aviation flying.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a separate headset for military flying! Choose one of Pilot Mall's high-quality military headset adapters instead and maximize the utility of your military headset. Check out our Military Headset Adapters offerings below.

Military Headset Adapters

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Pilot USA David Clark H10-76 Conversion Kit (PA-75 & PA-5X)
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