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No one likes to talk about it, but we might as well recognize it: motion sickness is a fact of life in airplanes. It can happen to anyone, but passengers unaccustomed three-dimensional motion and new flight students are especially vulnerable. It isn't just about being a bit green around the gills, either. Mother Nature has a variety of ways that she can come to call. Being unprepared for biological functions can be embarrassing, unsanitary, and result in expensive cleaning bills.

Pilot Mall has the products that you need to be ready for any eventuality. We carry a wide assortment of "just in case" items, from sick sacks to urine disposal bags. The TravelJane and TravelJohn urine disposal gear offered by makes meeting nature's necessities easy for either gender. Realizing that avoiding a problem is often the best medicine, also stocks an assortment of highly effective natural motion sickness prevention products from QueaseEASE.

Keeping your passengers comfortable is one part of flying, and making sure the interior of your aircraft remains pristine is another. Don't get caught unprepared! Check out Pilot Mall's selection of motion sickness relief products below.

Motion Sickness Relief

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TravelJohn Disposable Urine Bags (3 Pack)
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