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Cessna Apparel

The Cessna Aircraft Company was founded in 1927 in Wichita, Kansas. While the company is best-known for its smaller piston aircraft like the Cessna 172, the company also manufactures a variety of small jets.

While Cessna was founded in 1927, its history goes back to 1911. In that year, a Kansas farmer named Clyde Cessna built and flew his own aircraft. He was the first person between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River to build an aircraft. He spent the next 16 years developing, building and testing aircraft in the salt flats of Enid, Oklahoma.

In 1927, Victor Roos and Clyde Cessna entered a joint venture called the Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company. Less than one month after the partnership started, Roos sold his share of the company back to Cessna.

Over the next 80 years, Cessna would develop some of the best-known aircraft in general aviation. Many military and civilian pilots started their aviation career on the company's flagship aircraft, the Cessna 152.

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