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The Best Sunglasses for Pilots

Pilots wearing sunglasses is an iconic American image, one that appears often in movies, magazines, history books and more. Those classic images appeal to our shared appreciation for freedom, courage, innovation and exploration. 

Why do you Need a Portable Aviation Radio?

Imagine the perfect IFR day. The ceiling is overcast at nine hundred feet and the winds are calm. The visibility is two miles, and these are the prevailing conditions for the entire day at your home field and destination. The opportunity for a single pilot instrument flight couldn’t be better. It’s time to go out and add some actual weather experience to that instrument rating you worked so hard to earn.

How to Simplify Flying with an iPad Mini

As technology continues to advance, all aspects of flying become easier. Gone are the days when you couldn’t see the latest up to date weather report in real-time or had to use paper charts. Now, you have all of the information you need to fly safely on an iPad.

Why would you want to fly with an in-ear headset?

At the forefront of innovative technology, the aviation industry is constantly modernizing, finding bigger and better ways to accomplish tasks. While airplanes and routes are growing in size, evolving into faster and longer ideations put into action, headsets are conversely shrinking in size. Part of this increasingly popular movement includes in-ear headsets. These unique inventions have invaded the market and are making waves with their small configurations.

It Is Never Too Late To Learn Something New!

Every week we have student pilots enter our storefront looking for training and test prep materials. What stands out about these students is how they range in age from High School to retired… “I finally have the money and time to do the one thing I always dreamed about.”

Protect Your Dogs Hearing - Our four-legged friends deserve a comfortable flight too!

Is your furry companion your favorite co-pilot? If so, you are not alone. These days, more and more dogs are taking to the sky.