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Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets

It's easy to identify a pilot after he or she has been on a long flight. In many cases, pilots returning from a long flight will have red circles around their ears. While traditional ear cup headsets provide great hearing protection, they can be uncomfortable and irritating when worn for a long time.

Clarity Aloft offers specialized headsets designed for comfort, durability and ease of communication. Since a Clarity Aloft headset uses ear buds, an individual doesn't need to wear a bulky set of ear cups over his or her ears.

Clarity Aloft headsets can interface with Bluetooth devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This can be a great way for passengers to listen to music, movies and other forms of entertainment while in the air.

Clarity Aloft also offers a line of professional headsets that meet FAA TSO requirements. These headsets can be a valuable tool for airline transportation pilots and other commercial aviators.