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Why would you want to fly with an in-ear headset?

At the forefront of innovative technology, the aviation industry is constantly modernizing, finding bigger and better ways to accomplish tasks. While airplanes and routes are growing in size, evolving into faster and longer ideations put into action, headsets are conversely shrinking in size. Part of this increasingly popular movement includes in-ear headsets. These unique inventions have invaded the market and are making waves with their small configurations.

New Year, “New” Headset

How about a New Year’s resolution that will keep your pilot head comfortable and ears protected? Would you believe us if we told you there is a simple resolution that can breathe new life into your favorite headset?!

Bose is Revolutionizing the Aviation Industry... Again!

This July pilots will be taking to the sky with a new, lighter, quieter headset. The Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset was designed for pilots of pressurized jet and turbine aircraft that operate in relatively low to moderate noise environments.

Passive Aviation Headset Buyers Guide sells over 100 headset models due to the varying interests of our customer base. In this blog post, we will delve into passive headset models to educate on their features.

ANR Aviation Headset Buyers Guide

In the market for a new headset? There are dozens on the market across a range of prices, so think about your personal budget and what you'll use the headset for to help make your selection. You might choose differently if this is your primary headset and you fly 100 hours a year, or if you just want a backup headset for friends who ride along occasionally.