Aviation Specialties GATS Jar Environmentally Friendly Fuel Tester

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Studies indicate that over 3 million gallons of avgas get poured on the ground every year during preflight inspections - in the US alone! In addition to being costly, leaded fuel pollutes the environment and can even get into ground water supplies. To protect the environment and save pilots money, Aviation Specialties developed the 12 oz. GATS Jar that eliminates needlessly wasting aviation fuel.

This transparent fuel tester features an integral filter that separates water and particulate matter from the fuel supply, allowing sampled fuel to be poured back into your aircraft's fuel tanks. Once the clean fuel is back in the tanks, users can discard the water and particulate matter without fear of harming the environment. Also includes a sturdy pin for use on pin-type fuel drains. A proven, affordable fuel tester for eco-friendly aviation operations.

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