Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight Simulator Yoke and Throttle

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Developed by world-class aeronautical engineers and pilots, the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System delivers the most immersive and authentic flying experience available. Featuring a true-to-life 180° yoke handle with built-in rudder controls, this system ensures precise, long-lasting control for any aircraft.

The modular throttle quadrant, complete with an integrated trim wheel and custom lever handles, offers unparalleled customization for both light and heavy aircraft. The Flight Management Display and an authentic status indicator panel provide real-time alerts and critical flight details. Easy setup via a simple USB connection supports Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows.

Universal Design

The VelocityOne™ Flight system combines a yoke with integrated rudder controls, trim wheel, and throttle quadrant for an all-in-one flight management solution.

Realistic Yoke Handle

The 180° yoke handle rotation is finely tuned for smooth and precise adjustments, mirroring the feel of real aircraft controls.

Modular Throttle Quadrant

Dual lever and vernier controls offer a realistic experience, adaptable for both light aircraft and heavy jets.

Flight Management Display

This full-color display with dedicated controls allows seamless learning and configuration for Microsoft Flight Simulator.*

Integrated Rudder Controls

Taxi, land, and turn effortlessly with integrated rudder controls and brake buttons at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Controls

With 12 analog axes, two POV switches, and two 4-way HAT switches, plus 18 additional mappable buttons, you have everything needed to navigate any aircraft confidently.

Authentic Status Indicator Panel

Receive real-time status alerts and monitor essential cockpit, navigation, and engine systems and warnings.*

Pitch Trim Wheel

The dedicated trim wheel enables fine adjustments of aircraft control surfaces for hands-free flying.

Custom Lever Handles

Tailor your throttle and lever controls to match your chosen aircraft for a personalized flying experience.

Secure Clamping System

The robust mounting system ensures stable integration into your home setup.

Designed for Xbox

Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows, featuring familiar Xbox system controls.

3.5mm Headset Port

Connect your 3.5mm headset for immersive audio and coordinated flight communication.

*Some features will be enabled and expanded after launch.

Package Contents:

  • VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System (Yoke Handle, Base, & Throttle Quadrant)
  • Custom Lever Handles (8)
  • SIP Inserts (2)
  • Nano Micro-Suction Tape (4)
  • Desk Clamp & Clamp Tool
  • Cockpit Fixing Screws (6)
  • 1m USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 2m USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Quick Flight Guide
  • Quadrant Button Decal Sheet
  • SIP Decal Sheet (2)

Experience the pinnacle of flight simulation with the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System.


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