Serengeti Modugno 2.0 - Shiny Dark Gunmetal - Mineral Drivers Gradient - Glass Pilot

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Serengeti Modugno 2.0 sunglasses in Shiny Dark Gunmetal are a fusion of timeless style and cutting-edge functionality, designed specifically for the discerning pilot. Embodying the essence of the Serengeti brand, the Modugno 2.0 encapsulates classic elegance in an 8 base metal frame, ensuring both durability and sophistication for every aviation adventure.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Modugno 2.0 sunglasses offer more than just a stylish aesthetic – they prioritize comfort and functionality, essential for long hours in the cockpit. Rubber end-tips, adjustable nose pads, and flex hinges work together seamlessly to provide a personalized and comfortable fit, catering to a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

Equipped with Mineral Drivers Gradient lenses, the Serengeti Modugno 2.0 sunglasses deliver unparalleled optical performance, enhancing contrast and clarity while reducing glare in varying light conditions. Whether you're flying into the sunset or navigating through cloudy skies, these lenses adapt effortlessly to ensure optimal visibility, allowing pilots to maintain focus and situational awareness at all times.

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