Hydrotac Optx 20/20 Stick-On Reader Lenses

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Stay Sharp in the Cockpit with Hydrotac Optx 20/20 Stick-On Reading Lenses

Pilots know the importance of clear vision during flight. Fumbling for separate reading glasses to check charts, adjust knobs, or review checklists can disrupt your focus and cost valuable time. Hydrotac Optx 20/20 Stick-On Reader Lenses offer a convenient solution, transforming your existing eyewear into reading glasses in seconds.

Superior Clarity for Every Task:

  • Sharp Optics: Hydrotac lenses are made with high-quality polymer aspheric material, providing exceptional clarity for reading instrument panels, maps, and other essential details in the cockpit.
    Customizable Focus: Choose from a range of powers (1.25 to 3.00) to perfectly match your vision needs.
    Focus on What Matters: No more switching between glasses! Simply stick a Hydrotac lens onto your existing eyeglasses, sunglasses, or even safety glasses for instant magnification.

Designed for the Pilot's Needs:

  • Effortless Application: Attach a Hydrotac lens with just a drop of water. The secure adhesive ensures it stays firmly in place during flight maneuvers.
    Reusable Convenience: These lenses are designed for repeated use. Simply detach them when not needed and store them for later.
    Adaptable Fit: The 1.2-inch diameter lens fits comfortably on most eyewear. You can even trim the edges with scissors for a perfect fit on your frames.

Maintain Peak Performance:

Hydrotac Optx 20/20 Stick-On Reader Lenses are proudly made in the USA. They're a pilot-friendly solution for maintaining clear vision throughout your flight, allowing you to focus on what matters most - a safe and successful journey.

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