Serengeti Bormio 2.0 - Matte Black - Mineral Drivers Gradient - Pilot Glass

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Soar Through Your Days with Serengeti Bormio Pilot Sunglasses

Crafted for clarity and comfort, the Serengeti Bormio Pilot sunglasses are your trusted wingman for every adventure. The classic aviator silhouette, rendered in sleek matte black TR-90 nylon, exudes timeless style. But the true magic lies in the mineral glass Drivers Gradient lenses. These marvels of optical engineering adjust seamlessly to changing light, from the blinding sun at midday to the soft glow of dawn and dusk. The gradient tint softens at the bottom, minimizing harsh reflections while driving, while the photochromic technology dynamically adapts to provide optimal vision in any environment.

Lightweight and built to last, the Bormio Pilots hug your face securely without pinching or weighing you down. Whether you're navigating city streets, cruising down highways, or scaling new heights, these sunglasses offer unwavering performance and undeniable cool. Experience the unparalleled clarity and comfort of the Serengeti Bormio Pilots – your perfect companion for the journey ahead.

Embrace the horizon. Own the journey. Discover the Serengeti Bormio Pilot.

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