20 Must Read Aviation Blogs for 2022

You just may be a pilot if you spend your time outside the cockpit reading all the aviation-related content you can get your hands on. Stock your library with the must-have aviation books, but don’t stop there. Your fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts have been busy writing digital content too.

With hundreds of aviation blogs to choose from, we’ve done the work for you and narrowed the list down to our top twenty must reads. Did your favorites make the cut? Keep reading to find out.

Want to skip ahead to your favorite blog category? Here’s what we will be covering:

Best Travel Reward Maximization Blogs

Make the most of your frequent flyer status by leveraging airline and hotel points strategies. The blogs on this list will teach you how to maximize your hard-earned rewards and use them for future trips. Learn which travel reward credit cards offer the best welcome deals and bonus earning promotions to help those points add up even faster.

1.      The Points Guy

Travel maximization using points and miles is a growing field and one of the key players in this arena is The Points Guy. Whether you’re thinking about signing up for your first travel credit card or you want to double check if you should book your next flight using points or a card, The Points Guy has your answer. Maximize your redemption and earning potential by following their tested points strategies.

2.      One Mile at a Time

Learn how to earn more miles, achieve elite travel status, and make the most strategic moves with advice from One Mile at a Time. Their team shares all the most current information on flight upgrades, bonus points opportunities, and more. Put their strategies to work and you could be scoring that coveted trans-Atlantic cabin upgrade sooner than you think.

3.      LoyaltyLobby

Another travel program maximizer, the Loyalty Lobby covers both airline and hotel programs. The focus is on hotel chains, so Loyalty Lobby is a good fit for frequent fliers who want to make the most of their hotel stays as well as their flights. Learn which hotel stays can earn you airline miles plus how to achieve status as quickly as possible.

4.      The Flight Deal

Just because it looks like a good deal today doesn’t mean you should pull the trigger. The Flight Deal team monitors rates for popular routes and fare classes letting you know when the truly stellar deals come along versus when you should hold off. Review their best travel credit cards section to compare the rewards rates, introductory offers, annual fees, APRs, and recommended credit scores for top tier travel incentive cards.

5.      Upgraded Points

The final travel points maximizer on our list is Upgraded Points. The team at Upgraded Points is on top of all the industry news. Check this blog at least every few days to make sure you don’t miss out on flight deals, special points offers through travel credit cards, and hotel stay promotions. Expect to see at least 1 post per day.

Best Pilot Blogs

Who’s better at writing for pilots than fellow pilots? All the blogs on this list are written by seasoned pilots who have a passion for sharing their experience. Get a glimpse into everything from a flight log of cross-country travel to insights into the world of female taildragger pilots.

1.      Pilot Patrick Blog

Patrick is a commercial pilot from Germany who has been blogging about his piloting experiences since 2016. Patrick writes about the full spectrum of pilot topics including how to become a pilot, aviation industry updates, travel experiences, and healthy lifestyle tips that you can maintain even when you’re on the go. Patrick is currently posting an average of 1 to 3 posts per month.

2.      Gary’s Flight Journal

Gary is an instrument rated private pilot who, together with his wife, is flying around the United States in a 1976 Commander 112A. Follow Gary’s blog for an entertaining log-book style narrative of their adventures complete with photos and video. Gary also shares cost and logistics details that can be very helpful for other pilots planning a cross country excursion of their own.   

3.      Ladies Love Taildraggers

This blog isn’t for everyone, but if you are a female pilot or aspiring female pilot who is interested in sliding into the cockpit of a taildragger, you have found your digital tribe. The Ladies Love Taildraggers club members are on a mission “to encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers.” Get inspired and connect with other fabulous female aviators. Expect to see an average of 2 blog posts per month. 

If you’re planning a cross country trip, you can also reach out to host pilots listed on the Ladies Love Taildraggers ‘Bed, Breakfast & Beyond’ travel registry to ask about a lunch meetup or even a place to stay for the night.

4.      AeroSavvy

The writer behind AeroSavvy is a commercial Boeing 757 & 767 captain who enjoys bringing you “interesting, easy to read aviation insight from an experienced airline captain.” He currently publishes an average of 3 posts per year, but you will also find an archive of plenty of useful articles dating back to 2013.

5.      Fear of Landing

The tagline of Sylvia Wrigley’s Fear of Landing blog is “the art of not hitting the ground too hard.” Given the name, it’s no surprise to find a dedicated accident reports section recapping major aviation incidents and what other pilots can learn from them. In addition to accident and incidents after action reports, Sylvia writes plenty of other engaging content for pilots. Posts are neatly separated into categories, and she currently posts an average of 4 new articles per month.

Best Commercial Airline Blogs

Stay up to date with airline industry developments and happenings with our list of commercial airline blogs. The writers on this list help you keep tabs on new route, fare, and aircraft offerings from national and international airlines. You can also score fare deals and catch up on the latest news stories including all the inevitable airline passenger drama.

1.      Southwest Airlines

Known as the airline with heart, it’s no surprise that many of Southwest Airline’s blog posts highlight feel-good human-interest stories. Customers and employees alike are all encouraged to contribute to the blog. If you have a Southwest story you’d like to share, send it in. You just may get published.


Rounding out the Southwest blog content are official corporate news and policy updates. If you’re a frequent flier with Southwest, keep tabs on the blog to stay abreast of new route announcements , updates to cabin beverage service offerings, and more.

2.      Airline Reporter

Since 2009 the team of more than 35 writers at Airline Reporter have been flying around the world, taking notes, and sharing their experiences and insight with the rest of us. After logging a cumulative total of more than 2 million miles, it’s safe to say that these writers are experts in the commercial airline industry.


Follow Airline Reporter for the latest insights on current travel experiences flying major airlines into airports around the world. The team will also bring you the latest dirt on the rollout of new aircraft and fare offerings.

3.      Secret Flying

The mix of blog posts on Secret Flying read like a mash-up of commercial airline industry news and social media newsfeed drama. Add this blog to your list if you want to keep on top of major industry developments but also enjoy a hefty mix of airline drama. Secret Flying is your stop for all the dirt from unruly passengers to inflight medical emergencies. The team publishes an average of twelve to sixteen posts per month.

4.      Airfare Watch Dog

Part travel agent and part seasoned travel guide, the curated selection of posts on the Airfare Watch Dog blog will set you up for everything from notifications for the latest flight discounts to what gear to take with you on that discounted flight. Expect to see an average of 2 to 5 posts per month.

5.      Airline Geeks

Think of it as an aviation news niche site that focuses nearly exclusively on airlines and airports. Airline Geeks keeps you up to speed on new aircraft, routes, and policies for major global airlines. Want to know if your favorite terminal is due to be renovated or check what to expect when flying in somewhere new? Airline Geeks is on top of it, posting new content about 8 times per month.

Best Aviation News Blogs

Stay current with all the latest aviation industry developments by following our curated list of aviation news blogs. These blogs cover topics across the spectrum from military aviation to international commercial developments, so you’ll never miss a top story.

1.      PrivateFly

The PrivateFly team tracks all the private jet segment news and product developments. Follow this blog if you’re interested in keeping up with private air travel market trends and opportunities. You will also see travel content that is specifically geared to private jet charter clients. Whether you are a private jet pilot or passenger, PrivateFly has content for you. They usually publish an average of 1 post per month.

2.      The Aviationist

The Aviationist covers a broad swath of aviation news including aviation safety, drones, aircraft updates, and global aviation news. They have a robust military aviation section that covers the aviation aspects of current global conflicts and wars. Choose the Aviationist if you primarily want to stay on top of current military air activities with a sprinkling of other aviation topics.

3.      Alert 5

Alert 5 is a dedicated military aviation news source. The blog derives its name from the military term for a rapid aircraft launch to engage an enemy. Many of the Alert 5 posts are short roundup style pieces with a video and link to the original source article. Expect to see a high volume of monthly posts with new content published at least several times a week.

4.      Uniting Aviation

Brought to you by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Uniting Aviation blog is an excellent source for aviation industry news with a global focus. New blog content is posted an average of fourteen times per month and is easily searchable by region and topic.  

5.      Aviation News Blog

Clean, simple, and to the point, the team at Aviation News Blog focuses on timely reporting of the most newsworthy events in the aviation industry. You’ll find everything from commercial airline profitability reports to recaps of aircraft accidents or near misses. Aviation News publishes an average of 6-8 articles a month and are starting to build a Spanish article section.

Best Aviation Career Blogs

Whether you’re just starting out as a newly certified pilot or you are ready to take the next step in building your career, you aren’t on your own. These airline industry career blogs are dedicated to bringing you the real-world information that will help you excel.

1.      Jezeegee

Anyone who wants to learn more about being a flight attendant should bookmark the Jezeegee blog. Flight attendant Jezee shares everything from how to become a flight attendant to insider tips on what to wear for a flight attendant interview. She also shares her best air travel tips gained from years of global travel to more than 70 countries.

2.      FlyGosh

FlyGosh has been a leading aviation recruitment site since 2010 and has more than 500,000 readers worldwide. The team at FlyGosh collects information on pilot and cabin crew job openings and opportunities worldwide, with a strong focus on the Asia Pacific region. If you’re considering a crew position on an Asia Pacific-based airline, FlyGosh is a must follow. You will likely see an average of 10 posts per month, and you can filter the posts by pilot jobs or cabin crew jobs. FlyGosh also periodically posts information on the cabin crew salaries for major Asia Pacific airlines so you know what to expect when you go in for an interview.

3.      The Rotor Break

The goal of The Rotor Break is to publish a “Day in the Life” description from “every conceivable part of the Helicopter Industry.” If you’re thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot, this blog is a must read for its realistic job previews. Already a certified pilot but feeling a little stuck and looking for career path inspiration? Browse stories of some amazing and unique helicopter pilot jobs that you just may want to apply for. The Rotor Break has it all from aerial saw pilots in Vermont to cherry drying pilots in Washington state.

4.      Hangar Flying

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) produces their Hangar Flying blog to provide “timely stories, conversation, and inspirational insights that share The Spirit of Aviation.” Hangar Flying is an excellent place to connect with other pilots and learn from their real-life stories and experiences. It’s a good blog for everyone from student pilots to seasoned commercial pilots to follow.

5.      Ask the Pilot

Patrick Smith, the author of Ask the Pilot has been writing aviation blog content since 2002. Although the website itself is dated and overdue for a refresh, the sheer quantity and wealth of content more than makes up for a less than stellar user interface. Smiith has written original and insightful content on nearly every topic you could think of from aircraft paint schemes to airline food and flying with a pet.

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