25 Best Aviation Apps You Shouldn’t Fly Without

In a cockpit that is increasingly becoming more and more digital, what apps makes the cut? Electronic flight bags (EFB), aviation calculators, weather, specialty apps – there really is an app for just about everything. Which top your list for best aviation apps? Are you on the lookout for some new favorites?

Here are the 25 aviation apps currently sitting atop our list:

1.      AeroWeather Pro

The AeroWeather Pro app is a go-to choice for precise current weather information. Available for iPhone, iPad, iMessage and Apple Watch, this app offers intuitive access to both METAR and TAF data for worldwide airports. View the raw format or a decoded and easier to understand version. All data can be cached to allow offline access.

Download AeroWeather Pro from the App Store.

2.      Aerovie

Aerovie is billed as the “most advanced electronic flight bag (EFB) on the market.” This EFB includes IFR low/high, approach charts and offline sectionals. It also includes a wealth of pre-flight weather features like turbulence overlays, icing charts, and water vapor satellite imagery.

Aerovie is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Try it out with a free 30-day trial prior to purchasing the full version.

Download Aerovie, electronic flight bag from the App Store.

3.      Air Navigation Pro

VFR pilots will appreciate the Air Navigation Pro app. It is designed to be a flight assistant app that offers real time GPS navigation on a 2D aeronautical moving map plus other useful features like 3D synthetic vision, terrain awareness, waypoints, charts, plates, airspace and obstacles. The app displays data on simulated aircraft instruments for intuitive use.

Use Air Navigation Pro across all your Android, Apple and Mac devices.

Download Air Navigation Pro from the App Store, Google Play and Mac App Store.

4.      AOPA Mags

Are you already reading and enjoying the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association’s Flight Training and AOPA Pilot magazines? Great! Now imagine being able to seamlessly take them with you on your digital devices.

The AOPA Mags app gives you easy access to digital versions of both publications. These versions include enhanced content like videos and slideshows. Plus, you can download the magazines for offline reading.

Download AOPA Mags from the App Store and Google Play.

5.      CloudAhoy

Consider it a new tool for your post-flight debrief, offering invaluable data that aids your after-action review. When enabled, the CloudAhoy app logs your flight data then provides a post-flight comprehensive debriefing on flight tracks, maneuvers and instrument approaches for both VFR and IFR.

Try the debriefing feature free for 35 days before committing to a yearly subscription.

Download CloudAhoy from the App Store and Google Play.

6.      E6B Aviation Calculator

Imagine having one app that supports more than 75 aviation related calculations. No more having to download multiple calculator apps. The E6B Aviation Calculator has everything you need for wind, altitude, time, speed, distance, and advanced fuel calculations.

Add in access to a robust group of weather reports including METARs, TAFs, AIRMET, SIGMET, PIREPs, cloud base and more, and the value is clear.

The E6B Aviation Calculator by Aviation Mobile Apps is built by pilots, for pilots and has excellent reviews.

Download E6B Aviation Calculator from the App Store.

7.      FAR AIM

Effortlessly stay up to date with all the FAA regulations and be alerted to any changes. This FAR AIM app updates daily so you will never miss an important update. Bookmark and highlight regulations that you need to reference frequently, then easily view them across all your Apple devices.

Download FAR AIM from the App Store.

8.      FltPlan Go

The FltPlan Go app is a mobile navigation companion app to the FltPlan website. The app sets you up with a powerful and comprehensive set of tools, capabilities and information.

Create and file your flight plan on the website, then sync it to the app so you can view and edit on the go. View your flight on a moving map display with sectionals, overlaid approach plates and breadcrumbs. You will also have in-app access to airport diagrams and current fuel prices, weather and aviation calculators.

Enable the split screen function to view your map plus checklists, NavLogs, procedures and more.

Download FltPlan Go from the App Store and Google Play.

9.      FlyQ EFB

A complete electronic flight bag (EFB) app, FlyQ EFB features intuitive, integrated features displayed in an easy-viewing format. In addition to all the standard functions you would expect from an EFB (like sectionals, IFR charts, flight tracking, radar, satellite and more), there are also some exciting extras. Try out the exclusive augmented reality feature for enhanced situational awareness. A new visual logbook plus the post flight playback and analysis, graphs, and flight replay over the Floq Network make FlyQ EFB stand out from other EFB options.

FlyQ is available for download on iPad and iPhone.

Download FlyQ EFB from the App Store.

10. ForeFlight Mobile

From one of the leaders in aviation comes ForeFlight Mobile – a comprehensive EFB app. Access VFR and IFR charts plus terminal area charts and other specialty charts. A zoomable global vector aeronautical map provides a wealth of data as do interactive map layers for hazards, weather and fuel prices.

An extra bonus feature included in this app is the ability to write and draw directly on the map simply by entering drawing mode. This makes taking notes and highlighting directions simple. If you need customer support, you’re in luck – every support team member is a pilot, so they speak your language.

Download ForeFlight Mobile from the App Store.

11. Garmin Pilot

Many EFBs are designed with only iPad and iPhone users in mind, but not everyone uses iOS devices. Garmin Pilot is an EFB that supports both Android and iOS platform devices.

You get all the standard EFB functionalities plus Garmin’s proprietary extras. An exclusive NavTrack feature allows you to anticipate and preview the impacts that changing weather conditions may have on your flight. Set the app’s parameters with your own personal minimums for VFR, IFR and wind speed both for day and night flights.

Be safer on the tarmac with TerminalTraffic and SafeTaxi data that show positions of ADS-B-equipped aircraft and ground vehicles plus overlays referencing hangar locations, taxiways and runways.

Download Garmin Pilot from the App Store and Google Play.

12. GPS Coordinate Converter

Quickly and easily work with and convert between different coordinate formats with the GPS Coordinate Converter. This app converts latitude and longitude, degrees-minutes-seconds, decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, ARINC 424, MGRS, UTM and FMS style coordinates.

Download GPS Coordinate Converter from the App Store.

13. Holding Pattern Computer

Free yourself from worries about planning and navigating a challenging holding pattern. Aviation App’s Holding Pattern Computer uses a “sophisticated patent-pending analytic solution” to calculate wind correction angles, headings and required timings based on your speed, the assigned fix, wind direction and velocity. You get simple turn-by-turn directions to guide you into a perfectly timed inbound leg.

Download the Holding Pattern Computer from the App Store.

14. LiveATC

Particularly useful for student pilots, the LiveATC app gives you access to live ATC audio feeds from over 1,200 worldwide airports. Listen and learn from other pilots as they communicate with ATC.

Browse by location or search for nearby airports, then add channels to your favorites.

Download LiveATC from the App Store and Google Play.

15. LogTen Pro

Eliminate the headaches and messiness of handwritten flight logs. LogTen Pro is an advanced pilot logbook with capability for tracking your flight time, currency, duty, endorsements, rest, BFRs and more. Available for your iOS devices, you can sync your data to the iCloud for safe storage.

When you apply for a job through Pilot Credentials, you can link your LogTen Pro data to seamlessly update your pilot profile.

Download LogTen Pro from the App Store and Mac App Store.

16. METARs Aviation Weather

Get quick, easy at-a-glance weather data for your pre-flight briefing plus alerts on changing conditions. World-wide METAR and TAF station reports are translated and color coded based on flight category. View them in a calendar-style format for easy trend recognition.

Download METARS Aviation Weather from the App Store.

17. MiraCheck

Wish you had a real-life co-pilot, but you don’t have that luxury? Now you can take along a digital co-pilot. MiraCheck offers the first completely hands-free co-pilot that works with vocal recognition. Mira walks you through your checklists and procedures, plus she is always there in the background ready to assist if you need her.

Download MiraCheck from the App Store and Google Play.

18. MyRadar

Praised as being “insanely accurate” and “the best weather app period,” MyRadar gives pilots instant access to nationwide hi-def radar, NOAA weather alerts, weather forecasts, real-time hurricane/tropical storm tracking, and nationwide temperatures.

Download MyRadar from the App Store and Google Play.

19. RadarScope

Many apps do weather, but RadarScope takes it to the professional level. This specialized app includes access to NEXRAD Level 3 and Super-Resolution radar data plus warnings for flash floods, severe thunderstorms and tornados. RadarScope keeps you prepared for foul weather both in the air and on the ground.

Download RadarScope from the App Store, Google Play, the Mac App Store and Microsoft.

20. SkyDemon

One of the top choices for VFR flight-planning and navigation is SkyDemon. Based in the UK, SkyDemon’s software supports charts for both Europe and the United States. You will get an automatic TAF, SIGMET and METAR briefing during the planning phase. While navigating, benefit from intelligent airspace, obstacle, and terrain warnings plus virtual radar which shows a side-on projection of approaching features and your relative trajectory.

Download SkyDemon from the App Store and Google Play.

21. Takeoff

Take the complexities out of making a go/no-go flight decision during potentially inclement weather. Takeoff is a weather app that is centered around you and the personal minimums that you establish. Get simple color-coded information and warnings for airports along your flight route. You will be advised of cloud ceilings, total winds, visibility, runway crosswinds, dew point spread, density altitude and more.

Download Takeoff from the App Store.

22. WeatherSpork

See and plan for weather from all different angles. The WeatherSpork app offers online weather guidance plus aviation weather education. Use a visualization tool called Meteogram to see a vertical depiction of the next 3 days’ weather at a specified airport. Your route profile view also shows you a unique vertical look at the impact of winds and hazardous weather along your flight path. Get help locating a weather window with the wheels up departure advisor feature. WeatherSpork currently has you covered in the U.S. mainland and is working on adding Alaska and Hawaii soon.

Download WeatherSpork from the App Store and Google Play.

23. Windy

Glider pilots and skydivers will appreciate the detailed weather information that the Windy app provides. Set yourself up with a wind report, wind alert, forecast and current statistics. This app gives intel on wind gusts, wind direction, wind barbs, cloud cover and temperature at different altitudes. Forecasts up to 10 days out give you plenty of time to plan your flight.

Download Windy from the App Store and Google Play.

24. WingX

When you are looking for the best of the best in the EFB category, WingX is a top contender. This app has been the top navigation app on the Apple App Store for the past 5 years and was the winner of 5 Stevie Awards in 2017.

A host of sophisticated proprietary technologies like WingXRewind, FlightShare, SmartTaxi and traca set WingX apart from its EFB competitors. As an added bonus, certified flight instructors are eligible for a free full version of WingX, an advanced IFR subscription and a Synthetic Vision subscription.

Download WingX from the App Store and Google Play.

25. Xavion

Our final top 25 app, Xavion, is all about your safety. One of its primary functions is to continually generate and have ready engine-failure glide routes to all airports within gliding range throughout your flight. If engine failure were to occur, Xavion would do all of the glide-planning for you so you can just fly the indicated plan. For everyday landings, Xavion comes with 3D instrument approaches for US airports so all you must do is select an approach and fly through the hoops.

Check your weights and balances, estimate takeoff distance and confirm that your required takeoff distance matches up with the runway you are about to take off on. Xavion’s mission is to keep you safe throughout your flight.

Download Xavion from the App Store.

Now that you have some ideas of the best aviation apps that are out there, which are you looking forward to trying? Maybe you have a favorite app that didn’t make the list. Which apps are must-haves in your cockpit?


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