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Are you one of those curious, how-do-things-work types who's more intrigued with the inner workings of an aircraft that its eye-catching exterior? If you'd prefer to understand the nitty-gritty rather than appreciate a spectacular coat of paint, this scale replica of the SPAD S.XIII French WWI fighter is right up your alley.

While this superb recreation of the early biplane taildragger exudes the second-to-none craftsmanship that's characteristic of our entire line, it also features a surprisingly spartan exterior. We've opted to forego a pretty skin in favor of highlighting the airplane's exquisite collection of components. With its transparent shell, viewers can admire the fine detail of its wing ribs, empennage, and interior parts all the better. Ideal for enjoying - and better understanding - the aeronautical engineering in use a century ago. A sensational specimen that's sure to fascinate any mechanically minded aircraft admirer.

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