Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders Medium (Clear)

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With its EP3 Sonic Defenders, Surefire takes passive, in-the-ear hearing protection and advances it light years beyond what its closest competition can offer. Fabricated from medical-grade polymer and featuring an ergonomic, double-flange stem, these low-cost ear plugs bring to market a phenomenal noise reduction item with two distinct levels of protection. The EP3's revolutionary design employs it patented Hocks Noise Braker filter that allows low-level, safe decibel sounds to pass through to the ear while blocking harmful noise levels above 85 dB. With the stopper plugs installed, the Sonic Defenders provide an impressive 24 dB of noise reduction. Additionally, their low-profile design means they can easily be worn beneath a standard aviation headset. A truly remarkable technology that takes intelligent hearing protection to the next level.

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  • EP3-MPR

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