Moldex Softies Disposable Foam Ear Plug without String

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As a pilot, protecting your hearing from the high-noise environments of airports and aircraft cockpits is a priority that no pilot can afford to neglect. While modern ANR headsets do a commendable job of filtering out the most common low-frequency ranges, they leave a lot to be desired with regard to the high-frequency spectrum. Due to these limitations, the simplest solutions are often the best for picking up the slack. These soft, tapered foam ear plugs provide a comfortable, snug seal in the ear canal that blocks out up to 32 dB of potentially harmful noise. They're lightweight and compact enough to wear under a standard aviation headset, as well as in the many circumstances when donning a headset just isn't feasible. An excellent, low-cost item to complement your headset, to hand out to passengers, and to wear during ramp duties like fueling and preflighting. Also great for concerts, sporting events, and operating power tools. The ultimate in hearing protection at an unbeatable price.


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