Pilot USA Carbon Headset With Bluetooth

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Made with Carbon Fiber material, this headset is so light that you just may forget that you have it on! Thanks to its next-generation construction, it's 30% lighter than traditional headsets.

This feature-rich headset includes a Bluetooth adapter control module that connects to up to two devices at the same time. Two AA batteries provide 20-25 hours of continuous power. It also features record-out capabilities; Connect your camera or smartphone for playback after the flight. The modular comm cord can change between General Aviation, Helicopter or Lemo Plugs (sold separately).


  • Passive: 24 dB
  • Active: Additional 20 – 22 dB
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Mono / Stereo Capability
  • Protein Leather Ear Seals
  • Air-Foam Head Pad
  • Adjustable “Memory” Flexible Microphone Boom
  • Auxiliary Audio Interface: Music, Checklists, Warnings
  • Custom Padded Protective Case
  • Noise Canceling Electret Microphone
  • Foam Mic Windscreen Cover
  • Dual Volume Control
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • USB-C external power source input.

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