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Flight Simulation Bundles

A real flight simulator can be a powerful training tool for both student pilots and professional aviators. With a flight simulator, a pilot can hone his or her skills in a safe environment.

Instrument flight rules (IFR) certification is one of the stepping stones on the path towards a career in aviation. Since IFR certification requires many hours of in-flight experience, it can be difficult for many student pilots to budget for this cost.

Pilot Mall offers flight simulator tools for both home and professional use. With a PC-based flight simulator, pilots can learn the basics of IFR navigation from the comfort of their own homes.

In addition to home flight simulators, Pilot Mall also offers FAA-approved flight simulator hardware for flight academies and other aviation training facilities. With the best flight simulator, students can log time towards an IFR certification. In addition to providing a safe and affordable learning environment for students, an FAA-approved flight simulator can be a valuable revenue source for a flight academy or school. In many cases, rental revenues from an FAA-approved flight simulator can cover the cost of the unit in only a few years.