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Radios & Transceivers

Being able to communicate is an essential component of aviation safety. While in-panel communication radio installations are generally robust and dependable, they can and do fail. And, in an era where more and more functions are being combined into NAV/COM systems that display information on a single LCD screen, there are more failure modes to think about than just the failure of a radio. A display failure, symbol generator failure, or even an aircraft electrical power failure can knock you out of the communications game and make life aloft very difficult indeed. It is no wonder that many smart pilots opt for the added layer of security that carrying a handheld aviation transceiver provides.

Having the ability to communicate clearly and easily isn't just important for pilots in the air—it is critically important for FBOs, flight schools, flight instructors, firefighters, law enforcement, and in the parachute drop zone as well. FBO's need an economical way to talk to in-range aircraft on the UNICOM frequency, flight instructors benefit from being able to talk to their soloing students, emergency services must be able to talk to aerial assets, and drop zone supervisors have to be able to communicate local conditions to jump planes aloft. The right aviation transceiver can add robust communication capabilities to a nearly endless variety of mission critical applications.

Pilot Mall carries a wide selection of aviation transceivers from Yaesu Transceivers, Icom Transceivers, Gleim Receivers, and others. We also provide a wide selection of transceiver accessories such as power adapters, battery cases, and extra batteries. Make sure that you are never out of touch—check out Pilot Mall's aviation transceiver selection.