Flight Training Cockpit Visual Flight Panel

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If you're one of those flight sim fanatics who takes your computer aviating seriously, our Flight Training Cockpit Visual Flight Panel is just the item that'll take your PC piloting closer to reality than you ever thought possible. Fabricated from powder-coated, aircraft-grade sheetmetal; this purpose-built panel features 6 pre-cut, pop-out square tabs designed to accommodate up to 6 of Saitek Industries' 3.5", full-color LCD Pro Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) displays. Alternatively, the panel can house most 100x100mm VESA compatible tablets/small monitors in lieu of Saitek FIPs.

In addition, our Visual Flight Panel features three pop-out rectangular tabs on the right side that are perfect for up to three Saitek Pro Flight Multi, Radio and/or Switch Panels. Works perfectly with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and will also support X-Plane 11. A robust, user-friendly aviation simulation solution for a level of hands-on control you would have never thought possible.

Does not work with Honeycomb products.

Panel Measurements Download (PDF)



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