ASA Flight Training: Taking the Short Approach

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If you know almost nothing about flying but you dream of becoming a pilot, give David Diamond’s Flight Training: Taking the Short Approach a shot.

Taking the short approach, in this case, is a metaphor, similar to “crash course.” The fast-paced book is a page-turning primer for anyone considering aviation training, covering such topics as why people fly, how you learn to fly, how much it costs to fly, whether you are healthy enough to fly, how much time it will take to learn how to fly, what tests you will have to pass to become a pilot and more. If you’ve ever wondered how much of a risk engine failures or midair collisions or bad weather are, Diamond explains those hazards too.

As its name applies, this 292-page book wastes no time. You’ll still be a newbie after reading it, but you’ll be a much more educated newbie.

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