Gleim Online Security-Related Airspace Course

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The US national airspace system of the 21st Century features numerous security-sensitive areas that mandate cautious operation and in-depth understanding on the part of pilots. To help you avoid any unpleasant developments while airborne, Gleim's Online Security-Related Airspace Course teaches you the crucial information you need to stay safe throughout your flight operations.

Through its 9-unit course, Gleim covers the essentials of TFRs, restricted & prohibited areas, the D.C. SFRA, ADIZ operations, and the all-important intercept procedures. Each module features engaging audiovisual presentations and features a 10-question multiple choice quiz. Purchase includes 12 months of unlimited access, perfect for brushing up from time to time. This low-cost, on-demand resource is a must have to keep you - and your certificate - on good terms with Uncle Sam.

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