ASA Private Pilot Flight School Kit - Part 141

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For new pilots who are planning on making flying a career, their first stop is what is often called a FAR part 141 flight school. Part 141 school are those that are certified by the FAA to provide faster paced commercial pilot focused instruction. While beginning at one of these schools is a great start, it does come with the difficulties that accompany any new endeavor. Knowing what materials you need, what they will cost, and where to get them are all concerns that any new flight student has.

Fortunately, Pilot Mall offers the ASA Private Pilot Flight School Kit for Part 141 schools. By purchasing this comprehensive kit, you'll have the confidence of knowing that you have everything you need to get started. You won't have to delay your training to wait on that one essential reference or have to make repeated phone calls to your instructor to ask what to buy. All of the books, tools, and materials you need are available wrapped in a stylish black ASA briefcase for easy organization and transport to your flight school. Within each ASA Private Pilot Flight School Kit, you'll find the Standard Pilot Logbook, a fuel tester, the Ultimate Rotating Plotter, and an ASA aluminum E6-B manual flight computer. Your ASA reference library will be complete too; each kit comes with The Pilot's Manual (for ground school and flight school), a FAR/AIM book, a Private Pilot Test Prep book, a Private Oral Exam Guide, a complete syllabus, the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards, and a full set of records all ready to be filled out.

By buying the ASA Private Pilot Flight School Kit, you're not just saving time but money, too. Be ready to get off to a great start on your flying adventure on the very first day-pick up your ASA Private Pilot Flight School Kit today.

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