Jeppesen Private Pilot FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guide (March 2019)

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Whether you're on the ground or in flight, refer to this manual to help you learn each maneuver you'll need to perform in the airplane. Spiral bound design makes it a convenient resource for study and instruction.

  • Over 100 full-color figures help you visualize and grasp each maneuver
  • Step-by-step descriptions aid in concept teaching
  • Skill Enhancement Insets provide expanded instructional guidance
  • Helpful hints, explanations of common errors, and rules of thumb
  • Exercises allow you to evaluate your understanding of the maneuvers
  • Maneuvers are numbered and grouped into intuitive categories

  • Updates (Published March 2019)
  • Most recent (June 2018) figures in the FAA Knowledge Test Guide
  • Question additions, deletions, and updates to reflect changes to the
    FAA sample test questions the October 2018 edition of the FAA's
    What's New and Upcoming in Airman Testing.
  • ACS code updates for all questions to match the June 2018 release
    of the Private Pilot Airplane Airman Certification Standards (ACS).

  • Jeppesen Part Number: JS312400 / Version -024

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