Revere Supply Aero Elite Liferaft for Aviation 6 Person

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When the unthinkable happens over open water, Revere's 6-Person Aero Elite Liferaft provides everything you need to turn a harrowing ordeal into a survivable experience. Within this compact kit, users will find an oversized 13" tube; inflatable, insulated floor; bright orange canopy, zippered windows, a flashing strobe, and extra large ballast pockets for stabilization in rough waters. Further increasing safety, the tube contains vertical bulkheads that divide it into two independent compartments. If one becomes ruptured, the other is capable of keeping the raft afloat.

For added assistance, the included survival kit contains 2 USCGG/SOLAS signal flares, paddles, a repair kit, a signaling mirror, a watertight flashlight with batteries, a floating knife, seasick tablets, and more. Also comes with a survival training DVD to prepare occupants in advance for possible developments. An easy-to-use, durable collection of equipment from the experts in survival preparation.

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