With the rapid advancement of technology in the aviation industry, a pilot kneeboard is one of the cockpit essentials that every pilot from a first-time student to a seasoned ATP needs for each flight.

At its most basic, a kneeboard is an organizational system that straps onto your thigh and serves as a readily accessible and highly visible place to organize charts, documents, paperwork and digital devices. Styles vary and your choice of kneeboard will depend on what tools you will be using most in your cockpit.

Today we’ll go over the types of kneeboards on the market and help you narrow down your options so you can feel confident in choosing the best fit for you.

Styles of Pilot Kneeboards

There are two main categories of kneeboards to choose from: standard kneeboards and those that are designed to hold iPads or tablets of various sizes.

Standard Kneeboards

A standard kneeboard is a good basic choice if you are a pilot who mainly flies using charts and doesn’t use an electronic flight bag (EFB). This type of kneeboard usually consists of a rigid clipboard type of device in a fabric sleeve which is secured around your thigh with a Velcro strap. More deluxe models have extra pockets and flaps for storage.

Kneeboards for Electronic Devices

The modern cockpit includes more electronics than ever. To accommodate and integrate these devices, manufacturers now design kneeboards that are made to hold your iPad, tablet, or even your phone. Some of these kneeboards are designed specifically for certain devices while others are adjustable and work with any device within a given size range.

10 Best Pilot Kneeboards

1.      MyGoFlight iPad Pro 12.9 Kneeboard Folio C


MyGoFlight iPad Pro Kneeboard


You can trust the iPad Pro 12.9” Universal Kneeboard Folio C when you take to the sky. This rugged rotating aviation kneeboard and lapboard is crafted with high-quality leather and keeps your 12-13” tablets securely in place. Perfect for student pilots and professional pilots, the four adjustable clips attach to a rotating cradle so your iPad/Tablet can be charged, synced, and controlled in the folio without ever having to leave the cockpit. Bring this folio along for peace of mind wherever you go.

2.      ASA Instrument Pilot Kneeboard (IFR) KB-2

ASA Kneeboards

As a student just working on upgrading to your IFR rating, a good basic kneeboard will give you exactly the information you need without overwhelming you with too many extras. The ASA IFR standard kneeboard is a perfect training option. The aluminum board is silkscreen printed with all the IFR information that you will reference the most. It also serves as a clipboard to hold your additional materials.

3.      ASA IFR Tri-Fold Kneeboard

ASA IFR Tri-Fold Kneeboard

The next step up from a basic IFR kneeboard is the tri-fold model. This style includes a center kneeboard under a clear plastic protector plus two extra panels to hold charts, checklists and paperwork. A pen/pencil holder keeps your writing utensil within arm’s reach.

4.      ASA VFR Tri-Fold Kneeboard

ASA VFR Tri-Fold Kneeboard

You don’t need your IFR rating to benefit from a tri-fold style basic kneeboard. The ASA makes a VFR tri-fold model as well. It has the same organization-friendly design with fabric pockets on the left panel and a clear plastic pouch on the right. The center kneeboard portion has a silkscreen printed clipboard with all your most relevant VFR info in an easy-to-reference cheat sheet format.

5.      Flyboys F-16 Viper IFR/VFR Pilot Reversible Kneeboard

Reversible Kneeboard with Clipboard

Looking for a low-profile, streamlined kneeboard that won’t get in your way? Lucky for you, an F-16 pilot wanted the same thing, so he designed his own kneeboard. This style is narrower than most and fits close to your leg. A row of removable eyelets along the side of the board offer you a way to secure your checklists and in-flight guides.

All the lefties out there know what a struggle it is dealing with gear that is built by and for those who are right handed. Well, prepare to be delighted, because this kneeboard is reversible. That’s right – the clipboard is removable and can be fitted on either side, so no matter how you want to wear your kneeboard, you can adjust it to the right fit.

6.      ASA iPad Air Rotating Kneeboard

ASA iPad Air Rotating Kneeboard

Flat strap-on kneeboards are all well and good, but if you often find yourself wishing for a better viewing angle, it may be time to upgrade to an adjustable model. ASA’s rotating iPad Air Kneeboard gives you the freedom to rotate your iPad’s screen a full 360 degrees. You can also tilt the kneeboard using the built-in easel to improve your angle.

7.      Flight Outfitters iPad Small Kneeboard

Flight Outfitters iPad Small Kneeboard

A small kneeboard for a small device, Flight Outfitters iPad Mini kneeboard is compatible with the iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The mounting bracket can be set up for you to view your device in either portrait or landscape orientation. Unzip the side pocket to reveal storage for a small notepad and pen or your cell phone. The reversible design means you can comfortably wear this kneeboard on either knee. Once your flight is over, slip the kneeboard into the included drawstring bag for safe storage.

8.      Flight Outfitters Centerline Kneeboard

Flight Outfitters Centerline Kneeboard

Just like its smaller sibling, the large iPad kneeboard can be worn on either leg and allows your device to be viewed in either landscape or portrait mode. It also has the interior pocket and drawstring storage bag.

Select the large version of Flight Outfitters’ kneeboard if you will be pairing it with an iPad Pro 9.7”, iPad Pro 10.5”, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 1, iPad2, iPad 3 or iPad 4.

9.      iPad Universal Kneeboard Folio C by MyGoFlight

iPad Universal Kneeboard Folio C by MyGoFlight

Could you see yourself using both the standard and the digital device versions of the kneeboard? Are you torn between them and unsure which one to get? If you plan to use your kneeboard with a full-size iPad or other 9”-11” tablet, you’re in luck. You don’t have to choose.

MyGoFlight has designed a well-thought-out kneeboard that marries the best qualities of both the standard and the digital device styles. Like standard kneeboards, the MyGoFlight Folio C comes with a clipboard which is printed with commonly referenced VFR flight information. However, unlike standard models, the clipboard can be repositioned to the inside cover and used with the built-in stand to convert the kneeboard into a lap desk for your iPad.

The rotating cradle allows you to adjust the viewing angle in 5 degree increments so you can find just the perfect setting.

The Folio C is compatible with all full-size iPads as well as 9”-11” tablets.

10.  MyClip Kneeboard for iPad and Tablets

MyClip Kneeboard for iPad and Tablets

Despite all the most elaborate of devices, sometimes there is something to be said for simplicity of form and function. If you are looking for an easy way to attach just about any electronic device to a kneeboard, then the MyClip is it.

This affordable, adjustable kneeboard consists of clips mounted to a 2” Velcro strap. Instead of being a proprietary choice that only works with a specific model, the clips on the MyClip can be adjusted and sized to fit devices with widths ranging from 3” to 12”.

This gives you the freedom to use the same kneeboard for your phone, your tablet or your iPad.

Bonus Kneepad Accessories

If you’ve ever touched the back of your iPad after it’s been running for a long time, you know it can get pretty hot. Now imagine that hot pad strapped to your thigh. Not a pleasant thought, is it?

Keep your leg cool and your iPad from overheating by adding cooling mount to your kneepad. It works similarly to a laptop chill pad by using extra fans to remove heat from your device. For your convenience, all of the cooling mounts come with two power options: micro USB and AA batteries.

Cooling mounts are currently available for select iPad models.

X-naut Active Cooling Mounts

1.      X-naut Active Cooling Mount for iPad Air

This model works with the iPad Air Versions 1, 2 & Pro 9.7”.

2.      X-naut Active Cooling Mount for iPad Mini

The iPad Mini cooling mount is compatible with iPad mini Versions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

3.      X-naut Active Cooling Mount for iPad Pro 10.5"

This mount is designed exclusively for the iPad Pro 10.5”.

Final Thoughts

A kneeboard is an invaluable cockpit tool for pilots with all levels of experience. It offers a means of keeping important charts, sheets and information easily accessible throughout the flight.

The sophistication level of your kneeboard is completely scalable. If you aren’t using an electronic device with your kneeboard, you can select a basic minimalist strap-on clipboard style or a tri-fold style with extra storage pouches and pockets.

If you use your iPad, tablet or even a phone as a replacement or supplement to printed sectionals, you will benefit from a kneeboard that is designed to hold your device. Some of these digital device kneeboards are designed for a specific device while others are adjustable and can fit any device within a given diameter range. Consider one of these multi-device options if you have more than one digital device that you would like the ability to use with your kneeboard.

Whichever kneeboard you choose, it will make your flights smoother and will soon be added to your list of essential cockpit accessories.

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