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Version: Cessna 152 12 Gallon
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One caveat GA pilots learn very early in their flight training is to never trust the fuel gauges to deliver an accurate representation of the fuel quantity onboard. Fortunately, pilots can rely on the indications of these meticulously tested fuel dipsticks from FuelHawk. Simply dip the pre-calibrated instrument into your aircraft's fuel tank until it touches bottom. Cover the end with a finger and remove the gauge to read the tank's actual usable fuel quantity.

Gauges are available for the Cessna 152 (12 gallon tanks), Cessna 172 (19 and 26.5 gallon tanks), and Cessna 182 (39 and 43.5 gallon tanks), as well as three universal sizes 11", 16", and 26") that can be easily calibrated to your specific aircraft. A low-cost, incredibly useful tool that takes the guesswork out of fuel planning.

To select which length of Universal Fuelhawk is best for your aircraft, use the following guide. For example, the Universal 11" Fuelhawk has a total length of 11" but the printed scale only extends 8" up the tube. This is ideal for fuel tanks that hold less than 8" of fuel when full.

  • Universal 11" Fuelhawk = 8" Scale
  • Universal 16" Fuelhawk = 12.25" Scale
  • Universal 26" Fuelhawk = 22" Scale

Universal Calibration Chart (PDF) - PDF Download of Chart Included with Universal Versions.


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