ASA Carbon Monoxide Detector

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While many associate aviation hazards with poor weather, mechanical failures, and unplanned encounters with terra firma, an equally perilous threat can be much more difficult to detect - even for experienced pilots: carbon monoxide. This stealthy gas is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and - if undetected - can even be fatal. Fortunately, the ASA Carbon Monoxide Detector is a low-cost, extremely reliable solution that helps aviators identify the presence of CO as soon as possible. With its adhesive backing, it's easy to affix to any aircraft instrument panel. Once opened, the unit's orange center spot will turn gray/black when carbon monoxide is present, alerting occupants and providing them with valuable time to take action. Sealed detectors have a 3-year shelf life and, once opened, last for 12 months. Also effective in automobiles, near machinery, and anywhere else fossil fuels are burned. An absolute lifesaver no pilot should ever fly without.


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