FAA US Gulf Coast VFR Aeronautical Chart - 7/11/24 thru 09/05/24

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Recognizing the unique demands and specific hazards characteristic of flight ops in the Gulf of Mexico region, the FAA developed its US Gulf Coast VFR Aeronautical Chart specifically to assist helicopter operators in their flight activities in the area. Similar to standard VFR aeronautical charts, the Gulf Coast Chart depicts airspace boundaries, radio frequencies, airport/runway layouts, elevation & topographical features, unique landmarks, and much more safety-of-flight data. Additionally, this publication portrays high-density rotorcraft operational areas, oil drilling platforms, and offshore mineral leasing areas and blocks unique to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf Coast VFR Aeronautical Chart measures 55" x 27" when open, and folds to just 5" x 10" for easy storage in a variety of spaces. Features a 1:1,000,000 scale (13.7 nm per inch) and is revised annually. Available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription, this is one tool that should be a "no-go" item in every Gulf Coast rotorcraft pilot's flight bag.


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